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Driver download

(for digital cameras)

 Driver for Windows98 and 98SE

Click on the appropriate link below and select "Save As" to download driver software for your digital camera. You will require the WinZip utility (available on a free trial basis at ) to decompress the downloaded file. NOTE: These drivers are intended for use with the Microsoft Windows 98 and 98SE operating systems. The installations are unnecessary for Windows XP, Me and 2000.

Once the file has been downloaded successfully, double-click on the filename to unzip the file. When the decompression process is complete, "setup.exe" will appear in the same folder as the downloaded file. NOTE: the ".exe" file extension may not display in some computer environments. Double-click on "setup.exe" or "setup" to install the driver.

 CONTAX Driver - Download
    CONTAX U4R  FILE (zip/2.1MB)
    CONTAX i4R  FILE (zip/2.1MB)
    CONTAX SL300R T*  FILE (zip/1.1MB)

 KYOCERA Driver - Download
    Finecam M410R  FILE (zip/1.1MB)
    Finecam M400R  FILE (zip/1.1MB)
    Finecam SL400R  FILE (zip/1.1MB)
    Finecam SL300R  FILE (zip/1.1MB)
    Finecam S5R  FILE (zip/1.1MB)
    Finecam S3R  FILE (zip/1.1MB)
    Finecam L4  FILE (zip/3.6MB)
    Finecam L3  FILE (zip/3.6MB)
    Finecam L4v  FILE (zip/3.6MB)
    Finecam L3v  FILE (zip/3.6MB)
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